“I cannot deny my eating orientation.”

I have an eating orientation.  Do not judge me for it just because it may be different from yours.

Each of us has an eating orientation.  We did not choose it.  We were born this way.

My eating orientation is to eat whatever I want, as much as I want, whenever I want.

Do not ask me to deny my eating orientation.  That’s like asking me to deny my identity.  My eating orientation is part of who I am…just like your eating orientation is part of who you are.

It’s only with the progress of science in modern times that we have come to understand eating orientation.  We cannot expect Jesus or the biblical authors to have understood or addressed eating orientation. Therefore, we cannot assume that their warnings against gluttony have any application to us today.

I think the sooner a person comes to an understanding of eating orientation the better.  Therefore, it’s time we had instruction in our schools to help young people come to grips with their eating orientation – whatever it is.  Otherwise, they might become the victims of bullying.  Education is the answer.  Only then will the bigotry against over-eating or under-eating stop.

We also need more laws in our country to protect against discrimination in eating orientation.  If I am in a restaurant and want more desert, I don’t see how it’s fair to ask me to pay more than someone who has a different eating orientation.  Why should his eating orientation receive favorable financial treatment?

Now I know what you must be thinking: What about people who change their eating orientation?  Yes, there are trans-appetite people.  And, yes, they should be allowed to change their eating orientation without criticism or penalty from the rest of society.  I know you will want to say my thinking is inconsistent because I insist that I cannot change my eating orientation but that they should be allowed to change theirs and at government expense, but you are just being judgmental and discriminatory…and both I and the trans-appetites are sick and tired of it.  By the way, I’m hungry…do you have any chocolate cream pie?

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