Bias in the Ruling Against Christian Bakers?


Is the government agency responsible for prosecuting Sweet Cakes by Melissa working colluding with a powerful gay rights advocacy group?

I am posting this article because…

  1. …it contains the kind of relevant facts that hardly ever come to light in mainstream stories about such subjects.  When you read of e-mails and texts going back and forth between government officials and one side of the debate while the same government officials give a communications “stiff-arm” to the other side in the debate, it makes your blood boil at the unfairness of the situation.
  2. …many – and there even some Christians among them – are saying that there’s no real persecution against Christians in America today when compared with, say, Christians being beheaded in the Middle East.  While true, such a statement belittles the very real suffering that some Christians are undergoing in this country.  Christian wedding vendors – bakers, photographers, florists, and others – are not a powerful political lobby, and so they are losing their businesses, either by being fined out of existence or by choosing quietly to find some other line of work.  I think it takes a pretty smug and self-absorbed person to say that a couple who is driven out of business and fined $135,000 is not experiencing significant suffering for their Christian convictions.

(8 min read; 1,921 words; plus video lasting 4:56)

Source: Emails Raise Questions About Bias in Sweet Cakes Ruling by Kelsey Harkness at The Daily Signal.

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