What Bruce Jenner is doing to himself is bad enough; what society is doing to him is worse!

I can’t say it better than Ben Shapiro has.  (You can find other equally cogent comments from him on this subject by clicking on his name below.)

There have always been troubled people like Bruce Jenner, but when has there been a society that chose to reinforce the delusion instead of seeking to deliver the person from it?

By contrast, consider this tweet from a senior advisor to the President of the United States.  Bruce Jenner is not the only one who has lost his mind.

People like Bruce Jenner are bringing problems on themselves and those close to them.  People like Valerie Jarrett are leading a nation and the world to destruction.

People like Bruce Jenner are mutilating their bodies.  People like Valerie Jarrett are mutilating society’s conscience.

The damage that people like Bruce Jenner are doing is tragic.  The damage that people like Valerie Jarrett are doing is tragic beyond imagination.

A nation can withstand a few misguided people like Bruce Jenner.  A nation cannot survive with leadership that thinks misguided people are role models for the rest of us.

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