A Nation That Says Yes to Abortion and Yes to No-Fault Divorce Is Going to Have a Hard Time Saying No to Homosexual Marriage

Think about it.  How is a nation that has said it’s okay to terminate human lives while still in the womb, and that it’s okay for a spouse to unilaterally end a marriage at will – how is that nation going to take a principled stand against two homosexuals who want to avail themselves of the social approval and financial incentives associated with marriage?  Such a nation is going to find it very hard to deny marriage to homosexuals.

And don’t think that homosexuals will be the only ones to want to crash the party.  They’re just the beginning.

The point is that same-sex “marriage” is by no means the first societal assault on the sanctity of marriage.  If we want keep marriage as what it is supposed to be we must return it to what it is supposed to be: a lifelong union between a man and woman that lovingly nurtures every child it creates.

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