If Bruce Jenner Is on the Path of Righteousness, Where’s the Modesty?

If Bruce Jenner is doing right in the sight of God and man, where’s the modesty?  That picture of him on the cover of the current issue of Vanity Fair – which means it’s in grocery stores, newstands, and malls, as well as splattered across every other page on the Internet – is not fit to be shown in any of those places.  Regardless of the gender, it’s the picture of an adult in underwear!

What person in his or her right might wants to be photographed in underwear?

The last time I went to buy clothes they still give you dressing rooms to change into the new clothes privately.  I presume this is because most people don’t want others to see them in their underwear.

Even if you didn’t know the identity of the person on the cover of Vanity Fair, and even if you didn’t know there was a gender issue involved, you still ought to know that it’s not the kind of picture we ought to be staring at.  In an earlier time it would have been called prurient, but in a sign of our sex-saturated decadence such a pose and photograph is now called “normal.”

It’s not actually surprising that a society who thinks it’s okay for kids to be exposed to a corset photo would applaud a man’s shame rather than try to help him out of it.

If transgenderism is okay, why is it being accompanied by exhibitionism?

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