Today’s News Comedians Are a Reliable Source for Comedy – Not News

In this BreakPoint commentary, John Stonestreet points out the large percentage of young people who now get their news and analysis from comedians – and how, as a result, how ill-informed they are.

Sadly, such “low-information voters” are brow-beaten into voting every four years, providing ample temptation for politicians to play to youthful prejudices rather than appeal to their informed instincts.


Comedy, writes Bruenig, is first and foremost entertainment. And entertainers “rely on mass adulation to remain gainfully employed.” To do that, they’ve got to play to the prejudices of their audience, making comedy a great vehicle for cynicism, but a bad vehicle for provoking critical thought or action.

Today’s “new” comedians are not only a bad source for news, they’re a bad source for comedy.  This is because the laughs are cheaply produced by simply invoking the name of a person the group despises and then mocking the person.  Where’s the wit or humor in that?

(3 minutes to read; 619 words)

Source: Jesters or Journalists: Comedy Isn’t News? by John Stonestreet of the Colson Center [Editorial note:  Sorry, but, as of February 2017, the Colson Center seems to no longer support a link to this page.]

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