What’s Important to Pope Francis and the Roman Catholic Church?

This month Pope Francis issued an encyclical on climate change.  Last month, in the lead-up to the Irish referendum, so far as I know, he issued no encyclical on marriage.

Ireland is among the most Roman Catholic of countries.  If the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) has influence, it has influence there.  Apparently, the RCC in Ireland felt a little sheepish about pushing for the sanctity of marriage because of the child molestation scandals in its recent past.  But what about Pope Francis – isn’t he very popular everywhere?  Couldn’t he have leveraged his personal popularity to sway some of the Irish population toward righteousness?

Organized Christianity is too busy preserving itself to take a stand for righteousness.  The Southern Baptists are a recent notable exception, vowing civil disobedience if the government redefines marriage.

I’m not interested in elevating one denomination over another; they’re all superfluous.  Moreover, I’ve seen lots of Roman Catholics – such as Jennifer Roback Morse, Robert P. George, and Ryan T. Anderson – stand firm for truth.  But for the time being, seeing the RCC’s pope use his global visibility to speak up for climate change and not marriage makes me very, very sad.

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