What Happens to American Christians If the Supreme Court Redefines Marriage

Sometime in the next six days, the Supreme Court of the United States will render its opinion on same-sex “marriage.”  If they approve it for all 50 states, as they are expected to do, they will, in essence, be redefining marriage for the whole country.

I do not think this video is being “alarmist.”  If anything, I think the situation will be more difficult for Christians than the lawyers who have studied this issue describe.  Nevertheless, God’s grace is great and He will sustain His people with righteousness, peace, and joy in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation.  Let’s keep our eyes on Him!


This is a sample of what legal experts say will happen if the Supreme Court redefines marriage.

This video was posted by CitizenLink – “A Public Policy Partner of Focus on the Family” – which now goes by the name Family Policy Alliance.  There website is www.familypolicyalliance.com

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