Response to S. E. Cupp re: Supreme Court Redefinition of Marriage

Ms. Cupp, I understand that you are considered a smart, sophisticated, conservative Republican commentator.  I’d like to address comments you made in this video.

“Those people are not pariahs.”

We are not calling them pariahs. Why are you suggesting that we are?

“They are patriots.”

Being in favor of same-sex “marriage” makes someone a patriot?  Being opposed to it means one cannot be a patriot?  What does patriotism have to do with the issue of same-sex “marriage”?

“They just want the human dignity that the rest of us have.”

They have human dignity.  We don’t deny human dignity to any human.  Why is it necessary to redefine marriage in order for a human to have human dignity?

“Look at the faces on the right-hand side of the screen and ask yourself if they deserve the same kind of dignity that the rest of us get to enjoy.”

Sure, they do.  But, again, why do we have to change marriage into something it has never been in order for these folks to have dignity.  Only married humans have dignity?  Single humans lack human dignity?

“This is America and those people are Americans.”

Again, who is arguing this point?  Of course, they are Americans.  So are we.

“They are not asking for a lot.”

They are asking for an institution that has existed throughout all human history be redefined so as to accommodate their desires.  That sounds like a lot to us.  They’re not just rejecting our view; they’re rejecting the view of thousands of years of human civilization.  Is our generation smarter than every other generation of human beings that has ever lived?

Your argument – and tears – suggest that anyone who is grieved by the Supreme Court’s decision today is heartless, thinks pro-SS”M” folks are unpatriotic, un-American pariahs, and wants to deny human dignity to fellow human beings.

Do you really believe these things or are you using your considerable rhetorical skills to try to win by emotion an argument that you cannot win by logic?

I actually don’t think you are being devious.  I rather think that you have no good reasons for thinking as you do.  You just want your friends to have what they want, and you don’t think it hurts anyone to give it to them.  That is not a convincing argument for the rest of us to join in overturning the verdict of all human civilization before us.  I expected more depth of thinking from someone with your reputation.

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