Americanism, Conservatism, Christianity, and Christ

A focus on America’s roots is good, because, historically, America was a place that gave Christians the freedom to serve Christ.  And in that freedom, they gave freedom to others – including Jews and other religions, atheists and other unbelievers – just as Christ would.  America has thus been friendly to Christ, and this speaks well of Americanism.

The philosophy of conservatism has likewise been friendly to the cause of Christ.  By contrast, its philosophical adversary – liberalism (or progressivism, if you prefer) – is quite hostile to the cause of Christ.  This speaks well of conservatism.  (Given that the Republican party is generally conservative, you could say the same thing about it.)

Organized Christianity, of course, by its very existence professes Christ.  For this we can be forever grateful for its enduring voice.  Yet, organized Christianity often seems more interested in itself than in Christ.

Christ Himself should be the bulls-eye of our target.  These other things – Americanism, conservatism, organized Christianity – are merely outer rings around that bulls-eye.

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