What Is So Wrong with the Supreme Court Ruling on SS”M”?

What is so wrong about the Supreme Court ruling that homosexuals can marry?

Is it that homosexuality is worse than any other kind of sin?  No.

Is it that homosexuals are worse people than everyone else?  No.

Why then does the Supreme Court’s decision to fully legitimize same-sex “marriage” cause such consternation among God-fearing people?  Because it is a formal and emphatic rejection of God and His ways.  The ruling calls “right” what God has called “wrong.”  It calls “dignified” what God says is “undignified.”  It is a formal attempt by society to reclassify as righteous what God has called sin.

To my knowledge, the Supreme Court has never opined that adultery is righteous behavior.  And while divorce is legal, the Supreme Court has never gone out of its way, so far as I know, to explain that divorce confers on people a certain dignity.

Thus what is fundamentally wrong with the Supreme Court ruling on SS”M” is that it is society’s formal way of removing the stigma of sin from the practice of homosexuality and placing that stigma upon those who do not honor it as righteous.

If human beings wanted to get in God’s face or shake their fists at Him, they’d be hard-pressed to come up with an act more defiant than this.  Therefore, it’s not the homosexuality per se but rather the defiance that is so troubling to people who fear God.  I suppose society could have chosen some other sin to legitimize and celebrate, but they didn’t.  This is the one they chose as worthy of a rebuke to God.  When God is rebuked, the hearts of God’s people cannot help but be broken.

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