Jimmy Carter Says Jesus Would Approve of SS”M”

Jimmy Carter was President of the United States from 1976-1980.  In this clip you will see him refer to his being a born-again Christian, a Baptist, and a Sunday School teacher of the Bible.  You will also hear him declare his unease with abortion and his acceptance of same-sex “marriage”(SS”M”).

He has conducted his entire public career as a Democrat, a party which is solidly pro-abortion.  How great could his discomfort with abortion have been if his allegiance was to such a political party?

As for his support of homosexual “marriage” it telling that he confesses to the interviewer that he has no words of Jesus to which he can refer for his view.

If a Baptist Sunday School teacher and former president of the United States tells people that he thinks Jesus would approve of same-sex “marriage” should we be surprised if many Americans trust him on the subject?  Yet we can read the Gospels of the New Testament and see that many of the religious leaders of Israel – those who had the greatest access to the Scriptures – were some of the slowest to accept His authority.

For this reason I exhort you to learn to read the Bible for yourself.  Many trusted leaders are not trustworthy.  You cannot count on them to tell you what the Bible says, because they are too busy telling you what they think.

This president and the current president both identify as Christians and both support the idea of redefining marriage so as to apply it to homosexual couples.  Is it any wonder that so many in our nation think this way?

Source: Breitbart.com

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