Sex Rex

In the 17th Century, Scottish Presbyterian minister Samuel Rutherford wrote a book titled “Lex Rex.”  He was using Latin to etch the point that “law is king” – that is, he was promoting the rule of law in contrast to the idea of “Rex Lex,” that the king determines the law.

In what kind of society does an organization like Planned Parenthood receive over half a billion dollars a year in government funding in spite of the fact that they take human life – and take it in such a vile, heartless way (as revealed by the video)?  A society of Sex Rex – that is, a society where sex is king.  This is a society given over to licentiousness, a society that is using what intellectual power it has left to desperately justify its unjustifiable behavior.

So far, only the Right in our country has been outraged by the Planned Parenthood video about body parts being harvested.  The Left seems determined to ignore it in the hope that it will pass.  The sad thing is, the Left may be right about that.

Nevertheless, God is not mocked: whatever a nation sows, that shall it reap (Galatians 6:7).  Pray that you and yours may be delivered from it.

Source: The Planned Parenthood Video  [Editorial note as of March 3, 2017: Sorry, but it appears that the Colson Center (Breakpoint) is no longer maintaining this page.]  

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