Today’s “Radio Free Europe”

During the Cold War (1947-1991), Communist governments controlled all major media communications (newspapers, television, and radio).  They only published and broadcast information that advanced the cause of Communism.  This meant omitting lots of news stories and tightly editing those that did manage to get read, seen, or heard.  As a result, people living behind the Iron Curtain became starved for truth.  Radio Free Europe (RFE) was organization established to broadcast truth and news to millions smothered by the controlled environment of Communism.  For many of these people, RFE was the light that sustained the Communist bloc countries through the darkness of the Cold War.

We face a similar situation today.  Mainstream media is controlled, not by the government, but by a point of view – a mentality – that controls many in government as well.  It is a secular humanistic worldview.  References to God – except for the occasional “God bless America” – are not allowed.  Certainly, no serious discussion of God or the Bible are allowed.  Moreover, the stories we do hear are tightly censored and language is policed so that we always receive a politically-correct version.  As a result, we, too, have become starved for truth.

In our day, the equivalent of Radio Free Europe for Christians is found in FoxNews, talk radio, blogs, and various other alternative media.  Granted, these media outlets are not strictly Christian.  However, truth and news of interest to Christians have more chance of getting through these alternative outlets than through the mainstream media.

It’s been obvious for half a century that the mainstream media is biased, even though they will only occasionally admit it.  What’s happened in recent years, however, is that this bias has metastasized into mendacity.  They omit stories they ought to be reporting.  They emphasize stories unworthy of emphasis.  They use politically-correct vocabulary, including euphemisms, to make a story fit the worldview they believe and want to promote.  It’s mendacious.

Even Apple’s Siri search tool has been conscripted into the effort to re-shape our minds into the socially-approved mold.  I asked Siri, “How old is Bruce Jenner?”  The answer came back, “Caitlyn Jenner is 65.”  An even-handed answer would have been simply “65.”  Instead, they programmed Siri to correct us when we’ve stepped outside of the thought boundaries they’ve set for us.

It can be difficult and time-consuming to sift through the mass of alternative media to find truth, facts, and relevant information.  It is, however, the only “alternative” for those who refuse to live their lives by the propaganda that is constantly pumped their way.

“In a time of universal deceit,
telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
–  George Orwell

To help detect some of the ways mainstream media and pop culture attempt to control our thinking, I’ve made some additions to a lexicon of euphemisms used to whitewash God and His morality from our society.

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