Saint Nero, Patron of Gay Marriage – by R. V. Young

This excerpt alone is worth reading even if don’t decide to read the full article.

I have long maintained that there is no point in arguing against “gay marriage,” because there are no arguments for it. To argue that a “homosexual” has no right to marry another man is not unlike arguing that a unicorn has no right to be a computer programmer. The proposition is absurd on its face, and so to argue against it is to offer it unwarranted credibility. As evidence, I have remarked that at no time before the late twentieth century—at least within the boundaries of Western civilization—had anyone contemplated marriage between two individuals of the same sex.

By the way, I do not recommend the full article for the faint of heart, but only for those sufficiently interested in understanding the similarity between 1st-century Roman hedonism and 21st-century American hedonism (hedonism is not fun reading)…and for those willing to recognize that the same-sex “marriage” movement (SS”M”) is not at all an “anti-discrimination” movement as it is advertised, but rather it is an anti-Christian movement at its core – even if many of its adherents don’t fully realize this.

The Roman emperor Nero is indeed the appropriate choice for patron saint of today’s SS”M” movement.

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Source: Saint Nero, Patron of Gay Marriage – Crisis Magazine

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