7 Admissions of Guilt by Planned Parenthood in 4th Undercover Video | by Rachel Alexander

Rachel Alexander asserts that this (4th and most current) tape from the Center for Medical Progress reveals 7 admissions of guilt by Planned Parenthood.  Now I know that abortion supporters do not believe that abortion is wrong, and it certainly is not illegal in the US.  However, this tape provides a prima facie case that Planned Parenthood is violating the law concerning the sale of human tissue – which is an issue separate from abortion itself.  (US law says “It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly acquire, receive, or otherwise transfer any human fetal tissue for valuable consideration.”)  Therefore, my question to abortion supporters is “Even assuming for discussion’s sake that you are right about abortion being okay, why aren’t you demanding an inquiry to learn if the apparent violations of law revealed in this video are – or are not  – actual violations of law?”  That abortion supporters are fighting any sort of inquiry into these videos indicates that you feel guilty about what’s going on and are very uncomfortable with the idea of a full airing of all the facts.

As for the actual video from the Center for Medical Progress, I again recommend that pro-abortion people watch it and anti-abortion people avoid it (The first and second videos were difficult to watch; the third and fourth even more so).  The anti-abortion people need no proof of the barbarism of abortion and the sight of it will only sicken them; abortion supporters need to look directly at what they think is “okay” and see if, after watching it, they still think what Planned Parenthood does is okay.  In any case, Rachel Alexander’s list of the “7 admissions” is worth reading.

(4-minute read; 856 words)

Source: 7 Admissions of Guilt by Planned Parenthood in 4th Undercover Video | The Stream

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