Don’t Defund Planned Parenthood – Investigate the Videos!

Rather than calling for the immediate de-funding of Planned Parenthood (PP), which would hurt them but do little to stem the demand for abortions, we should be calling for a fair and impartial investigation (either by Congress, the Department of Justice, or both) into whether the videos portray the truth (i.e. CMP’s position) or a lie (PP’s position). A public investigation will lead to many more people seeing the videos. A third of America is against abortion, a third if for it, and a third are wishing the issue would just go away. The more people in this last third that we can get to see these videos, the easier it will be to defund PP, and the more likely that demand for abortions might be reduced as well. That’s why I think a public investigation which leads to multiple airings of these videos is a more desirable short-term goal than defunding PP. Sure, PP is a predatory organization, but Prohibition had to be repealed because demand for alcohol could not be reduced. Reversing Roe v Wade will only help if we first, or simultaneously, reduce the need and desire for abortions. That goes to leading society to embrace a marriage culture that relegates all sexual activity to that lifelong relationship.

Don’t defund Planned Parenthood right now.  Instead, investigate those videos!  Let PP have their day in court.  They will surely regret it.

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