Free Book: The Bible in America by Steve Green and Todd Hillard

Here’s a free e-book (pdf format*):  The Bible in America.  It’s by Steve Green, the CEO of Hobby Lobby.  The book is an informative account of how the Bible has been venerated and used throughout American history – but especially in the beginning.  I haven’t finished reading it, but have valued and enjoyed what I have read so far.

Downloading it will get you on Green’s mailing list for his latest project The Museum of the Bible, but’s that’s probably not all bad.  It is being established in Washington D.C. and should make a great place for families, as well as Bible scholars, to visit.  Green has become a major collector of ancient Bible manuscripts and his work is stimulating much interest.

I don’t know how long the free offer for this book will last.  It currently sells for $20 in hardcover on Amazon.

*Since the book is in pdf format, you will be able to read it either with your e-book reader or, if you don’t have one, from your computer’s browser.

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  1. I was trying to download “the bible in america” but where i work has filtered it out. Can you email me that PDF? I am glad I found you, I haven’t looked to deep but you look like you follow the Bible 100% with no question. I also like where you are, I went to college in Greenville, but Greenville IL, LOL. I currently go to Berean Bible Church, in Greene NY, and grew up in First Summit Baptist. I am not sure why but I just feel motivated to share all that with you. Also if you ever have any problems with your site, please remember me. I am the webmaster of my old church, Also I wanted to share that I really love and respect God, without Him, I wouldn’t be here. You can see why in my Sister’s book “Our Journey With Joshua” by Amber J Johns ( There you can see how, 13 years ago the week before my College graduation I got a TBI in a car accident, going to the airport to grab my parents.

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