“I’m Christian, But I’m Not” – BuzzFeed

As of a few minutes ago, this 2-minute video had received 490,830 views on YouTube, as well as 109,260 likes and 128,089 shares on FaceBook.  Also, #ImAChristianBut is trending on Twitter.

One of the best responses to this video you could find is from Mollie Hemingway (“5 Most Cringeworthy Problems With BuzzFeed’s Viral ‘I’m Christian, But I’m Not’ Video“).  Another good response is from Denny Burk (“I am a Christian, but I don’t follow Christ“).

In short, this video seems to equate Christianity to pop culture (“I’m Christian, but I’m not the Neanderthal you think I am, and I’m going to prove it by saying as many politically correct things as I can think of in this short time span”).  The video achieves this “cool” version of Christianity by leaving out Jesus and the Bible – you won’t hear them mentioned.  Rest assured that any politically correct version of Christianity you hear will be ipso facto spiritually incorrect.  This video does a great disservice to the name of Christ.  He is worthy of so much more than this.  So much more!

This video represents what society wants Christianity to be.  Not what it is.  Christianity is devotion to Jesus Christ.

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