The War on Motherhood

Democrats (liberals, progressives) have become fond of saying that Republicans (conservatives) are waging a “war on women.”  This accusation is usually made whenever any attempt is made to protect children from the risk of abortion.

It’s obvious that Republicans are just as interested in attracting women voters as Democrats are, so the phrase is absurd on its face.  Nevertheless, the mainstream media continue to let the phrase resonate by repeating it, but never challenging its validity.

Meanwhile, there actually is a war on motherhood taking place in society.  In fact, one of the main purposes of the lie “war on women” is to obscure the truth of the “war on motherhood.”

I don’t mean by this that Democrats and the media are consciously waging a war on motherhood.  This war is spawned by Satan.  Democrats, the media, feminists, and others are simply unwitting allies in this war of his.

So, to review:  Satan concocted, and wages, the war against motherhood.  He also concocted, and is spreading the lie of a “war on women” to cover, and distract attention from, his war on motherhood.  Democrats, feminists, the media, and others have simply been duped into thinking that their ideas are their ideas.  Instead, they are only providing embellishments to the fundamental idea that Satan has fed them.

The Bible says that God “makes the barren woman abide in the house as a joyful mother of children” (Psalm 113:9).  By contrast, today’s society attaches very little value to this occupation.  Society wants to know what you’ve achieved in life – which means, in practical terms, what have you done than previously only men did?  Advancement for women is seen as being able to do everything a man can do.  If that’s the goal, then childbearing is obviously a drag on one’s efforts, a distraction from what’s truly important.  The war on motherhood seeks to make motherhood secondary to anything worthwhile a woman might do with her life.

The widespread distribution of the birth control pill meant that motherhood was secondary in importance to pleasure.

The legalization of abortion meant that it was okay for a woman to reject and destroy her own motherhood.

The legalization of same-sex “marriage” means that instead of marriage being something that enables motherhood, it can be something that disables motherhood.  Oh, to be sure, one can work around the problem through third-party reproductive techniques, but that just shows how far short of a true marriage one has fallen.

True motherhood is most fully expressed when exercised in tandem with true fatherhood.

I invite you to count the ways that society demeans motherhood.  Satan is having his way.  People are giving in to the lusts of their flesh and thus the war on motherhood is waged.

Women are working through their 2o’s in order to establish their worth so that they can have children in their 30’s and 40’s.  Why?  Because motherhood does not currently confer societal worth to a woman – only what she does that a man also does.

Thus society says to a woman who achieves worldly success, whether she has children or not, “You have done well,” but to a woman who gives her life completely to mothering a mere pat on the head – if that.

For these reasons, and others, it’s all the more important that we live by God’s value system and not the world’s – that we live in His presence and not in the fear of man.  God bestows great honor upon motherhood, while worldly forces wage war against it.

There is no war against women; there is a raging war against motherhood.

Be sure you are on the right side in this war.  And fight!


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