Trump or Perry?

Before you read the linked article, let me concede several important points:

  • I don’t think Christian salvation depends on who is elected president.
  • I don’t know much about Rick Perry.
  • I completely understand and sympathize with the anti-establishment fervor that has given prominence to Donald Trump.
  • I wish Rick Perry and other establishment politicians were willing to speak as clearly and boldly about the condition of the country as Trump has (minus the bombast, narcissism, and pettiness).

That said, if it turns out the Christian voters preferred Donald Trump over someone like Rick Perry (and there are several like Perry in the race) then I am concerned for their judgment.  However disappointing Perry’s record might be to conservatives, it is a superior record of conservative rhetoric, practice, and achievement to anything Trump can claim in those three dimensions.  Moreover, I cannot imagine an anecdote like the one that ends the linked article being told of Trump.

I can only hope that all the good candidates will not eventually be driven from the race by the dominance of a faux conservative.  (I concede also that they have a part to play in this outcome; they must stop speaking tepidly about the serious dilemmas that our country faces and the mendacity that has come to characterize political speech and mainstream media reporting of it.)

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Source: The Texas Legacy of Rick Perry – Matt Mackowiak

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