If the media want more people to think the president is a Christian, they should speak to him

The American news media seem alarmed that Republican presidential candidates are not defending President Obama’s Christianity.  If the media are indeed concerned about this, they should be speaking to the president – not others.

If there are people who think I am a Muslim, maybe I don’t talk enough about Christ.  Maybe I don’t act enough like Christ.  Maybe I don’t show any interest in people who follow Christ, especially people who are persecuted for following Christ.  If I expect people to think I am a Christian, I need to be providing reasons for them to think it.

I do recognize that we live in strange times, that, for example, the news media expected us all to regard Bruce Jenner as a woman once he proclaimed that he was one.  But reasonable people require more evidence than a personal declaration and some photographs of his cross-dressing.  Otherwise, we’d have to acknowledge that all those poor guys in the mental hospital who think they’re Napoleon really might be telling the truth.

Forgive us, news media, for not wanting to join in the insanity.  If you want to stamp out the perception that the president is a Muslim, address your concerns to the one person most able to change that perception.  You could start with asking him why Ahmed Mohamed got an invitation to the White House while Kim Davis got nothing.

It’s not someone else’s responsibility to establish your identity as a follower of Christ.  That’s on you.

Mark Steyn also thinks the news media is taking the wrong tack, though he has his own reasons, which he provides in rather emphatic form at the link below.

(a 4-minute read; 811 words)

Source: Get Lost, You Palace-Guard Creeps :: by Mark Steyn

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