Big Business in America Chooses Sides in the Muppets Battle

I call attention to this article not because of what it says about the new Muppets show, but because of what it says about the way big business culture thinks these days.

You can tell from the title of the article alone and the quote marks around the word “perverted” that neither the writer nor the editor appear to think like the million moms…or are married to someone who thinks like the million moms.  It’s clear that Fortune magazine is comfortable taking this stance, feeling no need to present a more middle-of-the-road view.

Gone are the 1980’s when Jerry Falwell would mobilize “the Moral Majority” or Don Wildmon’s American Family Association would command the respect of big business in America.  Today “a million moms” just get lumped in the Westboro Baptist Church as hateful bigots on their way to extinction.

The coarsening of the culture continues at an ever-increasing pace.

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One Million Moms slam new Muppets show as “perverted” –

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