Why is the pope talking about climate change instead of marriage?

…Pope Francis insisted at the White House that the present moment is “critical” for addressing the threat of climate change…

The head of the largest organization of Christians in the world comes to a country that has just enshrined into law a practice which said organization has always condemned as a sin against God (i.e. same-sex “marriage”) and this Christian leader, rather than address this issue, chooses instead to discuss a matter on which he has no expertise?

Does Christianity teach that our outward environment is more important than our internal environment?  Did Jesus teach that the temperature of Jerusalem was more important than the hearts of its citizens?

The “vicar of Christ” has become the “vicar of scientists.”  The pope has chosen to exalt the word of men over the word of God.  How can Francis claim to be God’s representative when he won’t represent God on an issue that God and the very organization which Francis heads have declared is crucial to the well-being of humanity (i.e. moral marriage).

When Ireland was holding a referendum on same-sex “marriage” earlier this year, why didn’t Pope Francis fly to that Catholic country, barnstorming city after city for the sake of righteousness?  Given his personal popularity, surely he might have turned the tide.  As far as I can tell, he didn’t even send them a letter on the subject.  And yet he comes to the United States to talk about issues important to a national leader who has bathed his home in colors stolen from the story of Noah and applied to enemies of the ideas for which Noah stood!

It’s one thing when the secular institutions of a society abandon morality, but when its moral institutions abandon moral causes what hope can that society have to escape the judgments of God?  Who is there to call us to repentance if those who have the word of God do not do so?

We live in a time of vast corruption.  Hold fast to your faith in Jesus.  Do not give in to the spirit of the age.  He will give you plenty of light to live one day at a time in the midst of this moral darkness which has enveloped our world.  Remember the heroes of the Bible and imitate their faithfulness.

Is my point in this post to make the pope and the president look bad?  No, it is to say that many of the lamp posts have burnt out but if you’ll use your flashlight you will do just fine.

Source: Care for environment is a moral duty, not a political football, bishop tells Americans :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

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