Why Have the CMP Planned Parenthood Videos Had So Little Effect?

Why has Planned Parenthood not lost any noticeable support since the damning videos have been released?  Why are the same people defending them with the same degree of support they always have?  The answer doesn’t have to do very much with babies; it has primarily to do with the culture of promiscuity.

Planned Parenthood (PP) is the ubiquitous safety net for the unintended consequences of promiscuity.  Promiscuous women want a strong PP because they cannot count on the men they seek to do the honorable thing.  Promiscuous men want a strong PP because they are not honorable and PP is there to “clean up” any messes they make – and to coax the woman to abort the baby if she is at all reluctant.

Therefore, the reason Planned Parenthood can literally get away with murder is not because of America’s lack of concern about child safety but rather because of America’s overabundant concern for adult pleasure.

In other words, it’s not about the children.  It’s about adults and their childish ways.

That’s the reason so many Americans stick their heads in the sand on this issue.  They know intuitively that a diminution of PP could sooner or later reduce their opportunities for promiscuity – and they want no part of such limitation.  They want to partake of marital intimacies at will, and without the constraints of marital responsibilities.

This is also why you can’t get a reasonable discussion of the issue, because no adult wants to admit that he or she thinks this way.  So they keep making up reasons (“heavily-edited” videos, “extreme right-wing” organization, “illicit undercover” operation) for their opposition to the videos – anything to keep the truth of their selfishness and perversity from coming to light.  They don’t even want to admit it to themselves, much less anyone else.  Yet in their quiet moments, they know the truth.  And so they avoid quiet moments.

The truth is glaringly obvious: Planned Parenthood is the enabler and beneficiary of American lust.  God help us!

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