Most People Who Get the News Aren’t Getting the News

When an independent party debunked Planned Parenthood’s claim that the organ trafficking videos were deceptively edited, the media didn’t even mention it.

The intrepid and ever-reliable Mollie Hemingway exposes the widespread corruption of mainstream media sources.  If you think you’re getting the news these days, are you considering the source?

Yes, America is burying its head in the sand about the abortion issue, but it is being supported in the burying by a press that is burying truth before it can even get to the public in the first place.  Journalists don’t even seem to realize that they have abandoned all allegiance to objectivity.

By contrast, when you read the Bible, you’re getting unvarnished truth.  Moreover, it’s good news.

(a 5-minute read; 1,315 words)

Source: Media Censors Analysis On Planned Parenthood Videos (The Federalist)

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