Democrats Becoming Less Christian

This article is based on the same recently-released Pew Research Center’s Religious Landscape Study that I posted about yesterday (Americans Becoming Less Religious, Especially Young Adults).

I know that many Christians are disappointed with the Republican party, and I understand that.  Indeed, they promise policies that they do not always aggressively pursue.  But the Democrat party actually makes promises to pursue policies that are hostile to Christian interests (e.g. abortion on demand, sexual licentiousness over religious liberty, etc.).  Who does you more harm – the friend who doesn’t always keep his promises…or the enemy who is working against you at every turn?

Though our salvation is not to be found in politics, our Lord expects us to be responsible citizens which means at the very least that we should vote.  Republicans may not be much of a choice, but increasingly they are the only choice.


For the first time on record, fewer than two-thirds of Democrats and “Democratic-leaning” adults now identify with any branch of Christianity, the study found, down 11 percentage points since 2007. The decline in the number of Christians among Democrats was the single largest drop among the groups evaluated in the study.

In 2007, Catholics made up the largest single religious group in the Democratic Party, with 24 percent of the total. With a decrease to 21 percent, Catholics have now been superseded by the unaffiliated as the leading religious contingent among Democrats.

Nearly three-in-ten Democrats now say they have no religion whatsoever, up 9 points since Pew’s last Religious Landscape Study.

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Source: Religious ‘Nones’ Achieve Dominancy in Democrat Party – Breitbart

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