Downton Abbey and the Lord

When you watch a period piece, you think – or at least hope – that you’re getting some accurate history along with the entertainment.  Alas, this is not necessarily the case as demonstrated, emphatically and ironically, by Downton Abbey.  The linked article describes how the popular British show, which has often boasted of its fidelity to historical detail (and therein is the basis for the irony), actually decided to consciously ignore history where God was concerned.


Alastair Bruce said ‘panic’ over showing religion on TV meant the Crawleys could not be shown saying grace before meals

Of course, “grace before meals” was just an obvious example.  If such commonplace acts were excluded from the script, we can be sure that any other reference to God by the characters was likewise expunged.  We’re left to assume that early 20th-Century Brits were just as disinterested in God as are modern ones.

We see therefore that modern society projects its secular proclivities not just on the future (Star Wars and the Lord), but on the past as well.  If you think modern producers of entertainment are committed to bringing us accurate history, you have forgotten that their commitment to secularism is greater than their commitment to truth.

Source: God banished from Downton Abbey, says show’s historical advisor – Telegraph

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