Education in 21st Century America

The man who wrote this first article is, so far as I know, not a Christian, and is a believer much more in technology than in God – yet even he acknowledges how wildly public education is missing the mark. His brief account of the history of public education in the US alone is worth the read.

Is The End Near for Public Education…?
by Don Peppers on

As for the second article, while I’m not ready to say that a college degree is no longer desirable, it is clear that we should be open to different ways of acquiring one (e.g. commuting from home to a local college; distance learning alternatives through computer/internet).

It’s Time To Admit College Is Driven By Speculation — Not Investment
by Zachary Slayback on

Neither of these authors is a professed Christian educator or home-schooler arguing against public education’s incessant push toward secularization. If, therefore, some of the unbelieving world is beginning to recognize the emptiness of much of our current education system (while President Obama and others push for more spending on public schools and for more people to take on more debt to go to college, especially colleges with prestigious reputations), then we who look to God should be all the more open to more creative ways to educate ourselves and our children.

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