The Stormans Family and Kristen Waggoner Are Americans Worth Admiring

From the YouTube caption:

The Stormans family has been in the small-town grocery business for over 75 years [Ralph’s grocery store]. Well-known throughout their Olympia, Washington community for their kindness and hospitality, the family now faces the potential of having to close its doors after the Washington State Board of Pharmacy banned religiously motivated referrals, which allow pro-life pharmacists to refer customers to other nearby pharmacies to obtain abortifacients.

It’s hard to believe things like this are happening, right under our noses – that is, people being deprived of a livelihood because their Christian convictions will not allow them to obey the current secular orthodoxy.  Very, very sobering.

It’s all the more upsetting when you realize that it’s not as if the customers who want abortifacients have no other means of getting them.  Ralph’s pharmacy has no monopoly in Olympia.  There are many pharmacies where these abortion-inducing drugs can be purchased.  And it’s not enough that the store has already lost 25% of its business – the store and its pharmacists must be forced to find new livelihoods when there is no public benefit other than society’s satisfaction in making Christians do what is morally repugnant or them to do.

This video, produced by Alliance Defending Freedom, also profiles attorney Kristen Waggoner of that organization.  She, too, is having to pay a price for her convictions.

This video clip (10:51) is titled “Kindred Spirits” – which is certainly what Waggoner and the Stormans are.  May we be kindred spirits with them.


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