A Flash Mob at the Smithsonian

Did the people in the Smithsonian Institution who heard this stirring music think about the words they were hearing?  Do we?

Joy to the world! The Lord has come
Let earth receive her King!
Let every heart prepare Him room

If “the Lord has come,” why do we act as if He has yet to come?

And if “the Lord has come,” why do we act as if He is not here?

If He is earth’s “King,” why is His name either scorned or forgotten…except at rare times like this?

And if He is earth’s “King,” why do we not honor and obey Him?

If we are to “prepare Him room,” why do thoughts of so many other things crowd our hearts?

And if we are to “prepare Him room,” what place in our lives does He occupy?

The Stormans Family and Kristen Waggoner Are Americans Worth Admiring

From the YouTube caption:

The Stormans family has been in the small-town grocery business for over 75 years [Ralph’s grocery store]. Well-known throughout their Olympia, Washington community for their kindness and hospitality, the family now faces the potential of having to close its doors after the Washington State Board of Pharmacy banned religiously motivated referrals, which allow pro-life pharmacists to refer customers to other nearby pharmacies to obtain abortifacients.

It’s hard to believe things like this are happening, right under our noses – that is, people being deprived of a livelihood because their Christian convictions will not allow them to obey the current secular orthodoxy.  Very, very sobering.

It’s all the more upsetting when you realize that it’s not as if the customers who want abortifacients have no other means of getting them.  Ralph’s pharmacy has no monopoly in Olympia.  There are many pharmacies where these abortion-inducing drugs can be purchased.  And it’s not enough that the store has already lost 25% of its business – the store and its pharmacists must be forced to find new livelihoods when there is no public benefit other than society’s satisfaction in making Christians do what is morally repugnant or them to do.

This video, produced by Alliance Defending Freedom, also profiles attorney Kristen Waggoner of that organization.  She, too, is having to pay a price for her convictions.

This video clip (10:51) is titled “Kindred Spirits” – which is certainly what Waggoner and the Stormans are.  May we be kindred spirits with them.


Archaeology Testifies to the Hezekiah of the Bible

Below are a video (2:58) and an audio (3:55), produced by different sources, which report yet another occasion where modern archaeology confirms the claims of the ancient Bible.

People interested in history and truth turn to the Bible.

Video (2:58) from CBN

Audio (3:55) from the Colson Center for Worldview  [Editorial note as of March 3, 2017: Sorry, but it appears that the Colson Center (Breakpoint) is no longer maintaining this page.]  

Education in 21st Century America

The man who wrote this first article is, so far as I know, not a Christian, and is a believer much more in technology than in God – yet even he acknowledges how wildly public education is missing the mark. His brief account of the history of public education in the US alone is worth the read.

Is The End Near for Public Education…?
by Don Peppers on LinkedIn.com.

As for the second article, while I’m not ready to say that a college degree is no longer desirable, it is clear that we should be open to different ways of acquiring one (e.g. commuting from home to a local college; distance learning alternatives through computer/internet).

It’s Time To Admit College Is Driven By Speculation — Not Investment
by Zachary Slayback on LinkedIn.com

Neither of these authors is a professed Christian educator or home-schooler arguing against public education’s incessant push toward secularization. If, therefore, some of the unbelieving world is beginning to recognize the emptiness of much of our current education system (while President Obama and others push for more spending on public schools and for more people to take on more debt to go to college, especially colleges with prestigious reputations), then we who look to God should be all the more open to more creative ways to educate ourselves and our children.

Downton Abbey and the Lord

When you watch a period piece, you think – or at least hope – that you’re getting some accurate history along with the entertainment.  Alas, this is not necessarily the case as demonstrated, emphatically and ironically, by Downton Abbey.  The linked article describes how the popular British show, which has often boasted of its fidelity to historical detail (and therein is the basis for the irony), actually decided to consciously ignore history where God was concerned.


Alastair Bruce said ‘panic’ over showing religion on TV meant the Crawleys could not be shown saying grace before meals

Of course, “grace before meals” was just an obvious example.  If such commonplace acts were excluded from the script, we can be sure that any other reference to God by the characters was likewise expunged.  We’re left to assume that early 20th-Century Brits were just as disinterested in God as are modern ones.

We see therefore that modern society projects its secular proclivities not just on the future (Star Wars and the Lord), but on the past as well.  If you think modern producers of entertainment are committed to bringing us accurate history, you have forgotten that their commitment to secularism is greater than their commitment to truth.

Source: God banished from Downton Abbey, says show’s historical advisor – Telegraph

Star Wars and the Lord

Here is the 56-second video that was to have been shown in UK theaters before the new Star Wars movie (The Force Awakens) but “has been rejected…due to fears it could be offensive.”  The Church of England was going to pay for it to be included with the movie trailers and popcorn ads that are shown before a movie begins.

The movie lasts 136 minutes; the video, 1.  But apparently even one minute about the Lord is deemed to be too much for Star Wars fans to have to endure.

Truly we live in a world that prefers the dark side…with not so much as a token mention of the Light.

But maybe I’m being too harsh.  Perhaps the video would indeed give offense and therefore deserves to be kept out of theaters.  If you have a minute, why don’t you watch it and judge for yourself.