German Refugee Camps Prove Dangerous for Christians

An asylum is supposed to be a place of protection.  Yet Muslim migrants are threatening Christian migrants in German asylum centers.  Here’s an excerpt of the article:

 It appears that little progress is being made in protecting the Christians, as many are still suffering brutal attacks and some have even returned to the Middle East.  Daniil wrote: “Many Christians who came from the Middle East are suffering from such a strong harassment that they want to come back home, because their situation there seems to them a lesser evil as compared to the circumstances at German refugee accommodation centers.”  Others, particularly converts from Islam who face an increased threat of violent attacks, have taken to sleeping outside the centres rather than access their food and shelter, he said.

Adding insult to injury, the German government apparently will not help these Christians because they are Christians but would be willing to help them if they were homosexuals:

Meanwhile a British Home Office Minister has told a Catholic Peer that the government will not discriminate on grounds of religion when helping refugees from Iraq and Syria.  Lord Alton wrote to both the Home Office and the Prime Minister expressing concern over the government’s policy of taking in Muslims from “formal camps” along the border of Syria while ignoring displaced Christians — most of whom are not living in such camps thanks to the threat of persecution — and cited the government’s willingness to prioritise gay people as a vulnerable group. A “total annihilation” of Christians was underway in the region, he said.  Home Office Minister Lord Bates responded to his pleas with a letter informing him that the government would not “discriminate” on the grounds of religion. The Prime Minister, meanwhile, is yet to reply.

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Source: Christians ‘Frequently’ Suffer ‘Injuries and Threats of Death’ in German Asylum Centres – Breitbart

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