Current Christian Views of the American Public Education System

Here are a couple of resources which identify differing Christian views of the public school system in America today.

The first is a podcast (length 46:50) from Moody Radio’s Up for Debate program of January 23, 2016.  Here’s the link to the podcast, and here’s the program’s description from Moody Radio’s site:

Should Christians stop homeschooling and start supporting public schools? Carlos Campo, a Christian college president and leader in the Hispanic evangelical community, thinks they should. This Saturday on Up For Debate, Campo will join host Julie Roys and Bruce Shortt, a Ph.D. and homeschool advocate, to discuss this controversial issue.

The second resource is a trailer (length 2:43) for a documentary titled IndoctriNation.  I have not seen the entire documentary – only the trailer (just below) and a free version of the first 30 minutes of the film.  You can find out more about this documentary at  (It was made in 2011 and lasts 1:42:00)

Other resources like these can be found at

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