To get the nation right, get the family right; to get the family right, get marriage right

Families are the building blocks of a nation.  If families are off course, then their nation will be off course.  Likewise, marriage is the foundation of family.  If a marriage is crippled, then the family will be crippled.

Satan, therefore, seeks to destabilize a nation by destabilizing its families.  And he seeks to destabilize families by destabilizing marriages.  The so-called sexual revolution is Satan’s assault on marriage.

Men, if you want to resist the devil (James 4:7), then love your wife in the fear of God.  I did not say to merely love your wife.  I said to love your wife in the fear of God.  That means loving her in your thought life as much as in your words and deeds.  That means rejecting every impure thought, and focusing your devotion solely towards her.

There are many temptations to impure thoughts in our day.  You are not responsible for them, but you are responsible for turning away from them.  If you think a few impure thoughts are not that bad, you do not understand how Satan began the sexual revolution.  Big trees come from little seeds – and if the seed is bad the tree will be bad.

In this season of a presidential election, people are focused on choosing the right president so that the nation can be made right.  Yet the nation will never be right until enough of its families are right.  And its families will not be right until enough of its marriages are right.  And its marriages will not be right until enough men and women submit their thought lives to a righteous God…day by day, hour by hour.

If you think this is hard, then you have not tried it long enough to experience the blessing God bestows on the soul that honors Him in this way.  Yield your thoughts to the Lord Jesus until you recognize the peace and joy He gives to the obedient soul.  Then you will understand that purity of mind is not hard; rather, it leads to contentment.

Recognize also that God expects you to mature in your walk with Him (Luke 12:47-48).  Just as a parent expects more from an eight-year-old than from a two-year-old, so God expects more from you now than He did in the past.  Therefore, if the peace and joy do not flow to you as readily as before, it is because God is expecting more from you now than He was before.  In no case, however, will He expect more from you than you are able to give.  Therefore, do what you know to be right (James 4:17) and the flow of His blessing will be restored to your soul.

Remember: to get the nation right, get families right.  To get families right, get marriage right.  To get marriage right, get individuals right.  To get an individual right, get the individual’s thoughts right.  To get your thoughts right, think them always in the sight of the God who loves you and endured the suffering of crucifixion for you.  Big trees grow from little seeds – and if the seed is good, the tree will be good.


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