No Salvation in the Ballot Box

Christians will not find their salvation in the voting booth.  If we didn’t already know that, it’s become increasingly obvious in this presidential election campaign season.

There are just too few Christians in America today to rally the troops to get back to America’s foundations.  That is, there aren’t enough Americans who even know what those foundations are.  Sure, there are still a lot of Americans who identify as Christians, but in far too many cases, “Christian” is just their way of saying, “I’m not a Muslim or a Hindu or an atheist.”  Living for Jesus is not on their daily to-do list.

As we saw in a recent study (Parents are the explanation for the worldview held by today’s young adults), only one in ten young adults today hold to a biblical worldview.  The “Moral Majority” went out with the 1980’s.

Nevertheless, we must vote.  WE MUST VOTE.  Why?  Because it’s our duty as citizens, and because it’s the way we show love to our neighbors.  We show love to our neighbors by voting for the best candidate among those presented to us.  And when I say “best” candidate, I don’t mean best for us – I mean best for the country.

When I hear the news media talk about “Which candidate cares most about you?” and “Voters will vote according to ‘pocketbook’ issues,” I scratch my head and wonder if any of these people ever took a 7th-grade civics class.  We’re supposed to vote for the person or party we think will do the best job for the country.  (I include “party” because it’s a better indication of how a person will perform in office than personality.)  And certainly Christians should know better than to vote – or do anything else – out of self-interest.

I rarely get enthused about a political candidate.  It’s almost always the case that I’m voting for the better alternative, and many times I’m just choosing the lesser of two evils.  At this stage of our societal decay, it’s unrealistic for me to think that my fellow citizens (most of whom are not biblically oriented, and many of whom are hostile to the Bible’s values) would elect any candidate about whom I am enthusiastic.  But I need to love my countrymen enough to vote for the candidates I think will do the most good for – or the least bad to – the country.

Therefore, vote.  But don’t fret about the election before or after.  Our salvation is more sure than the ballot box.  It’s in the Bible…where we find Jesus Christ our Lord.

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