Conversations with your children about God

I have not read this book, but here’s what I can tell you:

  • I first heard about the author Natasha Crain a few years ago when I read a couple of posts from her blog Christian Mom Thoughts.  I was favorably impressed.  Here are titles of some of her most popular posts:
    • The Number One Sign Your Kids Are Just Borrowing Your Faith (and Not Developing Their Own)
    • Six Scary But Important Words Every Christian Parent Should Say to Their Kids About Faith
    • The Danger of Teaching Kids to Be True to Themselves
    • How I’m Teaching My 6-Year-Olds to Be Critical Thinkers
    • How to Get Your Kids to Ask More Questions About Their Faith
    • 17 Ways Your Kids Will Encounter Challenges to Their Faith
    • What the Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Means for Christian Parents
  • I am more familiar with J. Warner Wallace, the man who has written the foreword to the book.  He is a former cold-case detective and atheist who shares – through books and other means – the facts that led him to faith in Christ.  He blogs at Cold Case Christianity.  Jim Wallace is to atheist-turned-Christian homicide detectives what Lee Strobel is to atheist-turned-Christian newspaper reporters.  Both men put out a lot of fact-based Christian resources.  Jim’s recommendation of Natasha’s book speaks well of her.  She 1) has a focus on children, and 2) looks just as productive when it comes to helpful resources, so the three of them are doing a lot of good for the Christian cause and seem to be cut from the same bolt of cloth.
  • Even if you’re not drawn to the book, you can still gain value just by perusing the table of contents (which you can find by clicking on the image above and then clicking on the “Look Inside” feature at the book’s Amazon  page.  Natasha has 40 “conversations” about God, organized under five different subject headings, you could have with your child or children.  Just think of having one such conversation each day for forty days.  Or you could devote a week to each topic and take 40 weeks.  As I say, you don’t have to follow her book or even read it – you could develop your own conversations.  Such a process can not only strengthen your child’s faith, it can strengthen your own faith.

I don’t feel good about recommending books I haven’t read, so this is not a recommendation for you to get the book.  However, I became aware of it (through Jim Wallace), and, having learned about it, I also don’t feel good about not making you aware of it.  So there you are.  I feel better that we were able to just talk about it.

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