I am not a Republican; I just have to vote that way.

Let me add to what I said yesterday in the post No Salvation in the Ballot Box.

I don’t consider myself a Republican. I just vote that way because their policies have been demonstrably better for the country (i.e. more supportive of biblical ideals) than those of the Democrats for a long time. In fact, during my lifetime, the Republican party has become increasingly conservative while the Democrat party has become increasingly liberal, so it’s become glaringly obvious that voting a straight Republican ticket makes the most sense from a kingdom of God perspective.

That said, the Republican party is corrupt. How then can I vote for its candidates? Easy. It’s by knowing that the Democrat party is far more corrupt. Stated another way, Republicans (i.e., their policies and practices) are only sometimes the friends of Christianity and truth; the Democrats (i.e., their policies and practices), however, are almost always the enemies of Christianity and truth.

I fervently hope that Donald Trump does not win the Republican nomination. However, if he does win it, I will surely vote for him in November because, for example, while we can’t be sure that he will stick to his pro-life promises, we can be sure that whoever the Democrats put up will be faithful to their pro-abortion promises.

Of course, there’s more to being president than the single issue of abortion, but since the babies have no voice or vote in these things, we owe them to put their interests ahead of our own. They are innocent and defenseless, and they are being killed for adult convenience and pleasure.  What issue of our own security can compare?  In other words, abortion is not the only issue in a presidential election, but it deserves to be at the top of the list. Otherwise, how could we lift our face to God?

God is neither a Republican nor a Democrat, but He cannot bless a nation that murders its offspring.  May God grant us a government – and mothers – that will stop the madness and horror of abortion.

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