Without Evangelicals, Where Would Trump Be?

Only when I considered the numbers below did I come to realize just how much a difference evangelicals are making for the candidacy of Donald Trump.  Evangelicals!

Here are the results of the February 20, 2016 South Carolina Republican Presidential primary, with the percentage of the vote achieved by each candidate, according to NBC News:

  1. Donald Trump 33%
  2. Marco Rubio 23%
  3. Ted Cruz 22%
  4. Jeb Bush 8%
  5. John Kasich 8%
  6. Ben Carson 7%

Political experts deemed this to be an emphatic win for Trump.  How then was he able to achieve it?

The percentage of all voters who identified themselves as “born-again or evangelical Christians” was 72%.  Here’s how that large number of evangelicals distributed their votes:

  1. Donald Trump 33%
  2. Ted Cruz 27%
  3. Marco Rubio 22%
  4. Jeb Bush 7%
  5. Ben Carson 7%
  6. John Kasich 5%

Therefore, Trump won 33% of all voters and, within that total, 33% of evangelical voters.  Doing the math, this means that his 33% of total voters can be broken down into 24% from evangelicals and 9% from all other voters (for his total of 33%).

What does this tell us about the importance of evangelicals to Trump?  Without them, he would have finished in single digits – 9%.  That is, instead of finishing first, he would have finished in or near last place.  Last place.

Evangelicals are swinging this election for Donald Trump.  Moreover, they are not making the difference between Trump finishing either first or second; rather, they are making the difference between Trump finishing first or last.  First or last!

In other words, without evangelical support, Trump would not even be in contention for the Republican nomination.  He would be hearing the same pleas to get out of the race that Ben Carson is.  He would be a mere also-ran.

Therefore, Trump desperately needs evangelicals to succeed in his quest for the presidency.  The question is, why do so many evangelicals think they need him?  Why do they trust an unprincipled man who is obviously pandering to them?  Why are they eager to put into great power a man who has spent most of his adult life lending his support to those who oppose the values of the kingdom of God?

As I said in No Salvation in the Ballot Box, I will vote for the Republican nominee even if it is Trump because, while he might not keep his promise to resist abortion, the Democrats are sure to support abortion with every ounce of power they have.  Nonetheless, I cannot help being shocked that so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ don’t recognize that Trump is clearly the least desirable Republican candidate from the standpoint of advancing God’s priorities and seeking His blessing for our fellow citizens.  The abortion issue is by no means the only issue that matters, but it is the most important issue (because it is a matter of life and death for those involved), and abortion is an issue that illustrates the problems with Trump that affect the other important issues.  That is, he doesn’t even demonstrate a sufficient knowledge of the issues he talks about; much less does he demonstrate any history of being on the right side of those issues.

Let us not be asleep, church; let us love the Lord our God with all our being, and let us love our neighbors as ourselves.  If we cannot find a good person for whom to vote, we vote for the lesser of the evils presented to us.  For if we stay home and don’t vote, we risk the chance that we and our fellow citizens will end up under the greater evil.  I hope many evangelicals will come to their senses before Tuesday.

3 Replies to “Without Evangelicals, Where Would Trump Be?”

  1. I am not a theologian but do believe in the sovereignty of God and that His purposes will be fulfilled. I believe the possible truth of why evangelicals voted for Trump is because today’s version of Christianity ( In America ) is a hybrid of truth and falsehood. Trump represents American Pride , American Can-Do, Wealth Building and making this life our hope , all of which is opposed to the Gospel of Christ. ” Learn of me , I am lowly and meek ” ” God opposes the proud but gives grace to the Humble” We condemn abortion ( as we should , homosexuality ( as we should ) and many other unGodly “allowances ” but I have yet to hear anyone condemn covetousness ( which is the sin of idolatry ) or rebellion ( through which our nation was founded and is as the sin of witchcraft ) We may remember the case of the bakery couple who professed faith in Christ so therefore refused to bake a wedding cake for a homosexual couple and were criticized. Do they have any objection over making a cake for a secular or Christian heterosexual couple who are wealthy and covetous ? May we at least be honest ? Why do both parents work and send our children to public schools ? Is it not so they can be ” successful ” in this life despite the fact that it teaches them to love their selves, to seek the things of this life ? ( It also allows for 2 incomes so that we can afford the America Dream which Trump represents .) To truly love our children would require too much sacrifice …it is easier for evangelicals to keep the status quo …which is ” faithful church attendance, give 10 percent , believe in Jesus and God bless the USA ! ( By the way, what is the definitive word in that statement , is it truly God or is it the USA ? ) No , I do not believe God has ever blessed Idol worship nor wants us to put our faith in man . We are a Proud country and if the scriptures be true ( and they are ) then we will be humbled or God is not true. 2nd Timothy:3 is maybe where we are I am afraid .

  2. We are as a country being humbled, and we are reaping what we have sown. As obedient believers, however, we have the hope of His protection through dark and difficult times. Let us therefore repent – set our hearts to trust and obey Him with all that we have – that He may have valid reason to show us His kindness.

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