Note to Evangelicals planning to vote for Trump today

Please reconsider your intention to vote for Donald Trump.

I believe that many of you are voting for Trump out of legitimate concerns about the failures of our government.  And I’m sure it hurts when others accuse you of bigotry or racism, thus stigmatizing your valid concerns.  While some of Trump’s support comes from bigots and racists, I wouldn’t ascribe such motives to the majority of his supporters.  When people do tar you with that brush, the unfairness of it probably just reinforces your determination to vote for Trump.

But consider this:  Trump has a history, and this history practically guarantees that he will not deliver to you what he is promising.  That is, he’s promising a host of things that he has worked against his entire life.  I won’t try to make that case here because it’s widely available elsewhere if you’ll only look for it.

If you think, “Well, he couldn’t make things worse than they already are,” I must tell you emphatically that you are mistaken.  Things are not good with our government, but they could be made even worse.  A lot worse.

Perhaps the biggest frustration for you as a Trump voter is that the other candidates keep telling you not to vote for Trump but they themselves don’t sufficiently amend their own positions to adequately address your valid concerns about the direction of the country.  Neither will enough of them bow out of the race to give one of them a better chance against Trump.  I understand why this would frustrate you, but I can’t do anything about that – except to say that any of the other Republican candidates stand a better chance of living up to their weaker promises than Trump has of living up to his boastful and extravagant promises.

Yes, our country is spiritually sick.  But Donald Trump is not an antidote to that sickness.  He’s just one more toxin, and he’ll make matters worse.

Since you are an evangelical, you know not to trust in any messiahs except One.  Trump is running as the Republican Obama – a messiah for our discouraging times, long on generalities that conceal a hidden agenda for the accumulation of personal power.  “Make America Great Again” is just another mantra like “Hope and Change.”  The two men are mirror images of each other – both are excessively narcissistic, both are particularly adept at manipulating the media,  and both see the role of president as holding far more power than our nation’s founders ever envisioned when they established our divided government with its separation of powers.  The only material differences between the two men is that they operate from opposite sides of the political aisle, and that one man is sophisticated while the other is loutish.  Do not project your hopes onto a human vessel.  Keep your hope in Christ alone.

Is there no other candidate who excites you?  That’s fine, fellow Christian.  We do not need candidates who excite us.  We just need to do our duty as citizens of a democracy, which is to go to the polls each time we are offered the opportunity and there choose the candidate we think will do the least harm to the country.  Voting, especially in times like these, is much more about choosing the lesser of evils than it is about choosing the good over the bad.

Rome cemented its fall when it chose to go from being a republic to being an empire.  We already have suffered from one man who has behaved as America’s first emperor; it won’t help to put in power a man who claims he’ll be a better emperor.

The one-third of Evangelicals who are supporting Trump are the difference between his being in first place and last place (Without Evangelicals, Where Would Trump Be?).  He simply cannot win without Evangelical support.  I don’t expect unbelievers to heed what I’m saying, but you say you are an Evangelical.  Therefore, you – like me – claim to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.  Please don’t vote for another man who says he’s a Christian and wants to help the country but whose behavior tells an entirely different story.  Donald Trump will not make America great again; he will make it even worse.  You do have valid concerns, but Trump will, in the end, bitterly disappoint you.  Do not trust him.  Trust the Lord, and vote for the candidate you think has the best chance to beat Trump.

Today’s voting could effectively finalize the Republican nomination.  Let Evangelicals be part of the solution, not of the problem.  That is, let the one-third of Christians who’ve departed from the fold return to it today.  O Lord, I pray.

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