What’s an American Christian to do about the current presidential election campaign?

Unless you live in a state where the primary or caucus has not yet been held, there’s not much to do except to wait until November and see what choices are put before us.  Once we’ve exercised our duty to vote, there’s little more we can do.  The main problem is that we committed Christians are too few to influence direction of the country.  If Roe v. Wade didn’t convince us of this in 1973, Obergefell v Hodges certainly did in 2015.

If you are actively involved in politics, especially if you earn a living in politics, you, of course, cannot afford to turn away from politics until then.  But the rest of us are better off just ignoring the slow-motion train wreck that’s taking place before our eyes.  There’s not much we can do any longer about what’s happening, and we’re certainly not being edified by what we’re seeing.

Donald Trump has divided Christians and he has divided conservatives.  And he is certainly dividing Republicans, even to the point that no one knows what the Republican party will even look like in November.  At that time either the Republican party will bear the face of Trump – and be smaller as a result (because anti-Trump people will bolt the party) – or it will not bear the face of Trump – and be smaller as a result (because pro-Trump people bolt the party).  In either case, the Republican party will be a diminished force relative to past Republican versus Democrat contests.

As for the Democrats, it looked for a while like Bernie Sanders might split their party as Donald Trump was splitting his, but of late Sanders has seemed to lack either the will or the support necessary to do that.  Of course, we do face the possibility of Hillary Clinton being indicted, but it’s hard to know what would happen after that.  It’s even possible that her supporters would not be bothered by her indictment.

Since so much is unknown at this point, our faith is better served by placing our attention elsewhere for the next half-year.  We can re-engage in November and decide then among the candidates put before us.  At this point, it sounds like we’ll be choosing between the frying pan and the fire so what’s the point of fretting about it ahead of time?  Perhaps God will show us mercy and cause us to have better options than it appears we’re going to have.

As a nation, we have lost the virtue that our founders said we’d need to retain the liberty and self-government they gave us.  Nevertheless, our commitment to Jesus and His kingdom is not contingent on how well the United States of America sticks to its constitutional foundations.  Rather, our commitment is to obey our King …NO…MATTER…WHAT.  He is the One – the only One – in whom we put our trust.

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