Secular minds smugly think they can re-write the laws of nature

I only skimmed the article linked below, but I did watch the entire video.  Both are typical of the secular drivel that currently passes for wisdom on family structure.

The point of both the article and the video is that children need a primary parent and that each couple can negotiate which parent that should be.  To use their language, couples should “co-parent” with one of them being “lead parent” – and it doesn’t matter which is which as long as the couple agree.  This is the logical equivalent of saying a couple can agree to jump off a cliff and remain in mid-air without falling.

Mothers cannot father; nor can fathers mother.  Conception takes place in a mother – never in a father.  If a couple cannot choose which partner gets pregnant, why do they think they can change other aspects of their respective natures?

The kind of thinking that animates this article and video is the same kind of thinking that says the only difference between men and women is something that can be changed with some hypodermic injections and surgery.  This is absurd.  Yet The Atlantic is the type of periodical that America’s intelligentsia reads and trusts.  And “the morning shows” are the epitome of what secular society considers normal these days.  Our nation has embraced foolishness and called it wisdom.

Nature cannot be wished away.  It can be tamed; it can be made more godly through the power of God.  It cannot, however, be ignored…which is what these “smart” people think they can do.

And why are secular minds so smug in their opinions?  They are not only sure they are right; they are convinced that anyone who disagrees with them is a Neanderthal.  If smugness gave off an aroma that could be contained in a video, I would have fainted from the noxious fumes coming out of this one.

God gave us a model for family.  To call it a “stereotype” is simply to taint the idea with a pejorative term without having to make an argument about what’s supposedly wrong with it.  There is no valid argument against God’s design.  It works…when it is respected and Christ is put at its head.

Mothers should mother, and fathers should father.  A child deserves no less.

(an 11-minute read; 2,704 words)

Article: Fathers Who Serve as the Primary Parent – The Atlantic

Video:  Anne Marie Slaughter’s Husband Speaks Out, Says ‘Nobody Can Have It All’ – Good Morning America (5:28)

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