The Only Vote That Counts

Further to the point of my post earlier today (Why Are Our Political Choices Inadequate and Apalling?), the Donald Trump phenomenon tells us that there are fewer truly-committed Christians and fewer true Constitutional conservatives in the Republican party than we thought there were.  They are nowhere near a majority of Republicans, much less a majority of Americans.  And the Bernie Sanders phenomenon tells us that a substantial portion of Democrats are even farther away from America’s founding principles of government than we thought they were.  That is, there are many Democrats nowhere near us in their thinking.  There’s no denying that we’ve been awakened to some very unpleasant reality.

The vast majority of our fellow citizens disagree with us about the importance of Christ.  They view our devotion to Him as unwarranted or excessive.  We are to them, culturally speaking, Amish.  And that is their most benign conception of us.  We are not mainstream to their fringe; we are fringe to their mainstream.

In short, the number of God-fearing Americans is a small and shrinking number.  Nevertheless, we have every reason to hope because all we need is one person to be for us…if it is the right person: that is, the Person who is above all persons.  We have His word in writing that He is for those who are for Him.  In that assurance let us live boldly for His name.

…the LORD is with you when you are with Him…
–  2 Chronicles 15:2

The LORD is for me; I will not fear;
What can man do to me?
–  Psalm 118:6

Our love for Him is demonstrated the more we do what is right in the midst of a society who thinks we’re foolish to think that way.  His vote is the one that matters most to us.

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