Re-Thinking College Education for a Career

I don’t recommend this post for everyone, but if you are thinking about college for your child it might be for you.

It is not the case that a child growing up today must have a college education in order to economically succeed in life.  This is good news because, for one thing, college educations don’t convey as much knowledge as they previously did.  In fact, I’m often appalled at the lack of education demonstrated by today’s college students and graduates.

Aside from the academics, the college scene itself has become a moral cesspool.  It is harder than ever for a college student to save himself or herself for marriage.  For this reason, even when a college degree is necessary for a certain line of work, distance learning is a more desirable option – and it’s more accessible than ever.  Young people can continue living with their parents while they pursue the degree.  And they can do so year-round, shortening the overall time it takes to complete the degree.

Adding insult to injury, many of today’s college students take on debt to attend the college of their choice.  This is insanity.  No adult starting a career should have to do so with a load of debt on his or her back.  Repeat: No one should go into debt to pay for college.  If you must obtain a degree, seek it in the most cost-effective way possible.  If that means you go to the local community college instead of an Ivy-League school, so be it.

Technology offers many opportunities for education that did not exist in prior generations.  While the moral quotient of society is declining, the options for Christians determined to find a way to economically survive are multiplying.  Here is a mind-stretching podcast about education and career planning from American Conservative University:  Show 1436 – Tom Woods interviews Zachary Slayback: The End of School: Reclaiming Education from the Classroom (lasts 35:44; it’s Episode 623 from The Tom Woods Show).  This is the first I’ve heard of either gentleman, but their ideas support the idea that parents and children have more options today regarding college than they used to have.  There is much more to the subject that what they have to say, and I am not fully endorsing everything they do say, but what they have to say will open your mind to new paths for a young person.

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