The Moral Majority Has Become the Immoral Majority

Georgia has failed to pass even a watered-down religious liberty bill, after Indiana and Arkansas had similar failures last year.  What Jerry Falwell used to call the Moral Majority has been replaced by the Immoral Majority, and this new majority is content with nothing but total victory in every encounter.  Compromise is neither necessary nor desirable to the champions of the Sexual Revolution.

The Woodstock Generation has a firm grasp on the levers of power and thereby 1960’s hippie values are prevailing in every corner of the public square.  Winning state elections, governorships, and legislatures does no good when the Executive and Judicial branches of the Federal government can override everything that is done at the state and local levels.

Big Business put the squeeze on Georgia governor Nathan Deal because it is deathly afraid of the sexual revolution’s political lobbies in the same way they’re afraid of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  Lawsuits and negative publicity are the weapons of choice arrayed against Big Business by these respective lobbying cartels.  By contrast, Christians are just not vindictive and Machiavellian enough to succeed on such battlefields.  Only the race hustlers can “absolve a big corporation from the sin of being a racist” and only the LGBTQ lobby can “absolve a big corporation from the sin of being a bigot.”  Thus Georgia’s governor capitulated to the enemies of religious liberty without even a fight.

Of what interest is religious liberty to an irreligious nation?  No one cares about bakers, photographers, and florists having to do weddings that mock Judeo-Christian marriage ethics (not to mention the marriage ethics of almost every other civilization that has ever existed).  Why?  Because they are not a big voting bloc and don’t have a well-financed lobbying arm.

Being “on the right side of history” is just a very pretentious way of saying, “My point of view is trending is more than yours.”  It’s also a clever way of avoiding the responsibility of having to give reasons that justify a point of view.  Saying one is “on the right side of history” is intended to end discussion, not participate in it.

Yes, these days immorality is trending much more than morality.  The problem for the Immoral Majority is that history will ultimately render a verdict very different from the one they are expecting.

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Source: Georgia Religious-Freedom Bill Vetoed by Governor Nathan Deal, a Weak Weathervane

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