How crazy must someone become before we’re willing to point out the craziness? (video)

College used to be a place where young people were taught how to reason.  Today it seems to be a place where they are taught how to avoid reason.

This video (4 min, 13 sec) comes from an organization with which I am not familiar:  The Family Policy Institute of Washington (state).  The video, however, speaks for itself.  It shows young people so open-minded that their brains have fallen out.  Alas, it was the previous generation, through the college faculty, who taught the young people to think this crazy way (if it can even be called “thinking”).

Watch college students demonstrate their reluctance to tell a 5’9″ white man that he’s not a seven-year-old 6’5″ Chinese female.  They don’t even show a desire to discourage him from entering the first grade.  Madness!

How crazy does someone have to be before we are willing to encourage them to seek help?  Alas, large portions of society now think this way.  Are we going to let peer pressure cause us to join them…or are we going to resist the urge to jettison sanity?

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