We are not seeking religious liberty – we are seeking righteousness.

Christians and Christian organizations who are calling for “religious liberty” in our day are making a mistake.  It is a mistake for three reasons:

  1. Secular society is not going to grant us religious liberty.  They do not consider themselves religious and therefore they see no value in such a liberty.  Instead, they see religious liberty as a license to flaunt their secular values.  Their commitment to secular values will not allow them to grant religious liberty.  Religious liberty is a Judeo-Christian value; when society rejected Judeo-Christian values to pursue the Sexual Revolution they rejected the basis for religious liberty as well.
  2. Even if we were to be granted religious liberty on these issues, it would only open the door for government to equally support others religions – religions that sanction polygamy, beheading, and other abhorrent practices.
  3. By calling for religious liberty, we are changing the subject and putting the emphasis on our own welfare.  The problem with Obergefell v. Hodges is that it is bad public policy.  We should not be telling society, “As long as you leave us alone and don’t make us participate, we’ll shut up about it.”  We should love people enough to tell them it’s wrong even if they hate us for telling them (2 Corinthians 13:7).

Abortion is wrong.  We are not content with a religious liberty that allows us to avoid participation in an abortion (“We don’t smoke and we don’t chew, and we don’t go with boys who do”).  We will not make ourselves out to the victims because it is the babies who are the victims.  Rather, we will continue to maintain that abortion is wrong until the killing stops.  Likewise, we stand against every other practice of the Sexual Revolution, for they are all corruptions of decent human behavior and they all bring forth toxic consequences for any society that practices them – and especially societies that condone them.  (And how much more societies that celebrate them!)

I don’t say that Christians shouldn’t accept or benefit from religious liberty.  Where you can obtain it, take it.  But religious liberty is not what we seek, because that would be seeking to protect ourselves from the effects of persecution.  That is, it would be selfish of us.  Rather than seek relief for ourselves we should be seeking relief for the manifold victims of the sexual revolution, who are first and foremost children.

Eating food is pleasurable, but pleasure is not the purpose for which our Creator gave us the practice of eating.  Otherwise, bulimia would be a desirable behavior because it accepts the pleasure of eating while rejecting the nutritional purpose of eating .  Likewise, marital intimacy is pleasurable, but pleasure is not the purpose for which our Creator gave us the practice of marital intimacy.  The Sexual Revolution is an attempt to divorce the pleasures of marital relations from the responsibilities of marital relations.  What God has joined together cannot be put asunder without negative consequences.  We don’t want our government to grant us permission to skip the orgy that is the Sexual Revolution, we want them to stop promoting and celebrating it!  And we won’t be quiet until they do…regardless of the cost.

Our Lord suffered for us.  We will certainly not complain about having to suffer for Him.

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