Sensitivity Training

We need sensitivity training so that we might better recognize God and His voice.

The world has its various forms of sensitivity training, sensitizing us to this or that politically-correct concept.  They want to sensitize us to minority rights, women’s rights, and even animal rights.  Yet these kinds of sensitivity training only desensitize us to God and His authority.

Therefore, we need to seek more sensitivity to God – more awareness of His presence and His will.  (This is like our campaign to raise awareness of God in our own consciousness.)  If we were more sensitive to God, we would not mistreat anyone – even animals.

The futility of the world’s sensitivity training is seen, for example, in the fact that those most sensitive to animal rights seem to be among the least concerned about the rights of children in their mothers’ wombs.  It’s strange enough that people view a pre-born baby as less than human, but apparently those pre-borns are considered as less than animal, too.  Such are the follies of the world’s attempts at improving our moral outlook.

Let us therefore reject the sensitivity training that the world gives through popular culture, mass media, social media, and peer pressure.  Instead, let us do the things that make us more sensitive to God.  That begins with cultivating a receptivity to Jesus Christ.  He is the One sent to sensitize the entire world to God.  Be sensitive to Him…and your thought life will change for the better.

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