Obama plans new push for transgender rights in schools

Politico is an Obama-friendly political news outlet.  Therefore, this article is not an expression of over-the-top conservative fear-mongering.  Rather, it is straightforward reporting about a course that the executive branch of the U.S. government is pursuing.

If you were expecting a respite from the culture wars because the other side has won so much recently, think again.


The divisive and politically combustible issue of bathroom access for transgender individuals is about to become further inflamed, as the Obama administration is expected in coming weeks to aggressively reinforce its position that transgender student rights are fully protected under federal law, sources told POLITICO.

With the Justice Department already locking horns with North Carolina over the state’s so-called bathroom bill, the administration plans to reaffirm its view that robust protections for transgender students are within the existing scope of Title IX, a federal law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in federally funded education programs and activities. Multiple agencies are expected to be involved.

It’s a step LGBT advocates have wanted the federal government to take for years…

That last sentence tells you a lot.  There are not enough T’s to have this much political clout.  It is the LGB’s that are driving the agenda.  In our environment of identity politics, what keeps a political lobby growing in power is having new victims that it can incorporate into its constituency.

What’s at the root of all this is rejection of the Creator’s design and purpose for sex.  The new morality is the old immorality.  The sexual revolution is rebellion against God’s ways.  It claims to be secular but it is anti-Creator at its heart.

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Source: Obama plans new push for transgender rights in schools – POLITICO

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