The Citadels of Conservatism Have Fallen

Since the time of Ronald Reagan, Christ-followers feeling the political duties of citizenship have take refuge in the strongholds of political conservatism.  In the rise of Donald Trump, however, we have learned that the citadels of conservatism are not as many nor as strong as we thought.

One obvious lesson learned from Trump’s vanquishing of 16 other contenders for the Republican nomination – many of whom had made their names as principled conservatives – is that conservatives no longer control the Republican party.  Neither do they even have enough power to veto a non-conservative nominee.

It’s also become clear that a number of radio and TV media conservatives – that is, individuals who earn a handsome living articulating conservative principles and excoriating those who pay only lip service to those principles – have turned out to be engaged only in lip service to conservatism themselves.  When it came time for their decision about whether to support conservative principles or the man who would increase their ratings, they chose the man who would increase their ratings.  Indeed, some of those who’ve spoken loudest about conservatism’s virtues have been the quietest about Trump’s lack of attachment to those virtues.

Followers of Christ, take heed.  Conservatism doesn’t dominate the country’s mindset; it doesn’t even dominate the Republican party’s mindset.  Conservatives can provide no safe haven for us.

On the contrary, we can provide safe haven for them.  Conservatism without Judeo-Christian principles has no root to nurture it.  Those who want to be fiscally conservative while socially liberal have sawed off their branch from the tree.

Let we who have the light of the Lord our God – our Creator – be a refuge to all the conservatives who’ve lost their way.  Only in the Lord are light and strength and permanence.

The citadels of conservatism have fallen, but the house of the Lord stands forever.

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