What if there are no good candidates for president?

I had to add this post, because I just posted “What should we look for in a president of the United States?” and I know this is the follow-up question many of you will pose.

The election for president usually comes down to a choice between two viable candidates.  By “viable,” I mean “have a chance to win the election.”  There many be a number of candidates on the ballot, but there are usually only two who have any chance of winning: the Republican and the Democrat.  Therefore, the winner is going to be one of those two and your vote is usually a matter of choosing between them.

Unless something surprising happens, we will again be presented with two such choices this November.  What if you don’t think either of the two candidates you’re being presented this year will do a good job?  Then vote for the one you think will do less harm than the other.  A Christian citizen can do no less.  (If you really think one will be just as bad as the other, then you have no reason to vote for that office – though surely there are down-ballot races for which you can make a reasoned choice.)

Oh, and be sure that as a Christian you regard the interests of your fellow citizens as more important than your own (Philippians 2:3-4) – especially children, including the ones still in their mothers’ wombs, since they do not have the right to vote themselves.  That is, choose for president the candidate you think will be better – or less bad – for the whole country, not better or less bad for you personally.

We may not like the idea of having to choose the lesser of two evils, but if that’s what we’re presented then that’s what it is.  There’s no use pretending otherwise.  (You could vote for a third-party candidate, but if that person doesn’t have a chance to win then the outcome of the election will be the same as if you hadn’t voted.)

Beyond all this, we don’t care who is president anyway; we care who is King.

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